Moro Christmas Menu 2015

Bergamot orange, rose and cava aperitivo   £8.50


Chestnut and chorizio soup   £8.50

Picos de Europa cheese, winter leaves,
toasted walnuts and PX dressing   £8.80

Charcoal grilled squid with harissa   £9.50

Home cured salmon with Arak, labneh
and roasted beetroot   £9.50

Cecina with grelos, orange and hazelnut salad   £9.00

Warm duck breast with braised spinach,
date molasses and dukkah   £9.00


Wood roasted pork with braised chestnuts,
oyster mushrooms and red Rioja   £20.00

Charcoal grilled sea bass with clam,
prawn and bergamot arroz   £23.00

Chicken fatter   £21.00

Charcoal grilled lamb with fried okra and chilli salad
and slow cooked butterbeans with tomato   £22.00

Wood roasted skate with caramelised hispi cabbage, lemon,
crispy capers and lentils with red pepper and sweet vinegar salsa   £22.00

Mixed vegetable mezzo   £16.50


Yoghurt cake with pistachios and pomegranate   £7.00

Malaga raisin ice cream   £6.50

Cardamom and gum mastic cream meringue with poached
sour cherries and pistachio dust   £7.00

Rosewater and cardamom ice cream   £6.50

Chocolate and apricot tart   £7.00

Bonvallis, fuente de los angeles and torta de barros
cheeses with membrillo   £9.00


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Moro’s Christmas Menu

Cava and pomegranate aperitivo £8.50


Chestnut and chorizo soup  £8.00

Avocado with grated bottaga, dill and red onion £8.50

Pan fried field mushrooms with porcini,
bone marrow and cecina on toast  £8.50

Sea bass ceviche with Seville orange and cumin £9

Pan fried calves liver with grilled onion salad,
pomegranate molasses and mint £8.50

Chicory and frisée salad with Picos blue cheese,
toasted walnuts and Muscatel raisins  £8.00


Wood roasted pork with pumpkin pisto,
churrasco sauce and escarole salad £18.50

Duck fattee with roast orange,
chickpea pilav, pistachios and crispy onions £19.00

Charcoal grilled bream with slow cooked leeks and yoghurt,
wrinkled potatoes and olive sweet herb oil £19.50

Charcoal grilled lamb with bulgur and cabbage pilav,
seasoned yoghurt and chilli butter £19.50

Wood roasted sea bass with roast beetroot,
almond and sherry vinegar sauce £21.00

Mixed vegetable mezze  £16.50


Yoghurt cake with pistachios and pomegranates  £7.50

Malaga raisin ice cream  £6.50

New season’s bergamot orange curd tart £7.00

Rosewater and cardamom ice cream  £6.50

Chocolate and apricot tart  £7.50

Carpuelo, Picos de Europa and Torta cheeses with membrillo  £9.00

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